The journey really IS from here to Here

I feel like I’ve been dancing down the Yellow Brick Road all my life and finally arrived at my destination… and I’m right where I started from – but different.  Much different.  And the strange thing is (laughable, actually) that I always was Udana_chin in hand_smallwho I am but it took a while to become.

This is a website about the nature of life.  It’s all blooming.  Including you.  Including me.  Including your dog and your cat and the tree outside your window.  Everything that is alive and organic is an access point to another dimension that is propelling itself through us as inevitably as flowers appear in the springtime.

What does this have to do with The Law of Attraction and attaining the goals you set out for yourself?  Everything.

Life is exact.  A sunflower seed becomes a sunflower… not an avacado.  A rose will never grow into a palm tree.  The thoughts that you think are the patterns through which this unlimited Law of Blooming™ flows.  Your thoughts are the patterns that are creating the results in your life.  Yes… we all know that.  Doh.  We hear it over and over again.  So why are we all still creating such chaos?  Why isn’t everyone rich?  Why do we say our Affirmations and try to work the Law of Attraction and sometimes we get results and sometimes we don’t?

You are the master of your grand adventure in this physical dimension.  Yes…we are vast Souls having a spiritual journey…and yet we tend to forget this at every bump in the road.

The Law of Blooming – the book and this website – is dedicated to shedding more light on this amazing subject of self-transformation.  Each person in the world has genius inside them, a God Source that enlivens their body and their mind.  When we align ourselves with that natural principle, everything works out fine.  When we get distracted or anxious or worried or confused we automatically disconnect from ourselves and forget who we are.

The aim of my my forthcoming book is to provoke the greatness in all of us.  Together we can light up the world and bring a rousing and joyful peace to all…just by being all of who we really are.  Whew.  Whadda concept.  Who woulda thunk?  That the journey would be from here to Here.